Eating From These Lists Will Open The Doors To Boundless Energy, Weight Loss With No Cravings, Enhanced Focus, Great Sleep, 
Improved Blood Sugar and Insulin Readings 
And General Awesome Health
Charleen Esterhuisen Lost 68kg Just By Eating From Our Low Carb Food Lists
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" Before I started Real Meal Revolution I was severely overweight, sick and had NO life and NO energy. I had high blood sugar and high blood pressure and was borderline diabetic.
I started out with a weight of 140kg and just an overall feeling of LIFE IS TOO HARD… My waist was 125.5 and my hips 160 cm. 

I started Real Meal Revolution on 1 February 2014. I loved the food! I added butter to everything! Something I had not eaten for 12 years! And within a week I felt a renewal of energy!

I ‘Banted’ and I ‘Bant’! For life! For health! For energy and vitality! "
What's the goal?
boundless energy
Ever hit the snooze a couple of times before dragging yourself out of bed and slumping through your day? Our Low Carb lifestyle gives your body its fill and as a result, more energy everyday to tackle other important things!
rapid weight loss and reduced hunger
Real Meal Revolution is not a diet, in fact we don't believe in them. Diets are inherently unsustainable and ineffective. Instead of forcing a meal plan down for two weeks, we believe in changing your everyday go to meals so that healthy living and weight loss becomes a side effect of eating real food.
Healthy and stable blood glucose and insulin readings
Carbohydrates are directly linked to blood glucose levels in the body and Low Carb lifestyle changes have been shown to have a drastic effects on associated illness such as Diabetes 
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